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Hand painted paintings

The painting is an integral part of every house, apartment, and business just every building, every room. The image brings a kind of special atmosphere. Your room with painting hanged on the wall exudes something-and that something is energy, life, enthusiasm. When the painting is not just ordinary and even hand-painted, so you have the energy, life and enthusiasm, multiply 100 times and the result? “Work of art."

       Of course, when we decide to select an image, it is right that we choose the theme image, which will satisfy our tastes. And here are a few tips on how to choose the right image.           

                Firstly, think well if your picture suits your environment, your furniture and the color of your walls.             

                Second, be aware that the place for your next painting has certain limits, so every picture you want may not fit the place. Although some Art shops will offer you the same image in different sizes.             

                Thirdly, it is also very important to place the image where the image should not be pushed somewhere into the corner. Painting should not be hung together with multiple images. Company viacobrazu offers a variety of types and sizes of images. It is important to carefully choose right one. For example: some great images are only suitable for very single wall with few pieces of furniture. We do not recommend to hang the painting in too warm place in the house, for example over the radiator.              

                Fourthly, some paintings are called group paintings. These are generally quite popular and wanted. We recommend to hang them on the wall together so that image created a theme. The spacing between them is about 10 mm.             

                Fifthly, before purchasing discuss this with your other half, as they say, "more people, more common sense."

       Company viacobrazu is specializing exclusively in the sale of hand-painted art paintings. Paintings are painted with oil and acrylic paints. This is what causes originality, and lucratively of paintings. Paintings are painted on linen canvas, which represents top quality and are in use of painting masters. Quality linen is mainly in its ability does not absorb any moisture, which is for the durability of the image is very important.

The painting is mounted on a wooden frame. We call it also the blind frame. Picture frame is hidden under canvas, so it is not visible at all. Canvas on frame, is mounted by stapling gun. There is the possibility to removed canvas of the frame at any time and make a picture that will be displayed under glass. You can also order painting on canvas without frame. It is only up to you.

Visit, and you'll be pleasantly surprised by hundreds of artistic images, from which you definitely choose the right one for you.